CTOC About Us

CTOC is a collaborative organization composed of California's toll facility operators/owners.

The mission of CTOC is to promote interoperability, operational excellence, technological advancement and exemplary customer service on California toll facilities.

The type of activities that CTOC undertake includes but is not limited to:         

  • Promoting consistent agreement(s) and practices for interoperable toll processing and revenue collection;
  • Reviewing and recommending to Caltrans changes to the requirements of Title 21 and associated law;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations and in some cases, initiating proposed legislative changes that may impact toll operations in the state, provided that a unanimous vote of the CTOC members shall be required for CTOC to take a position on any legislation or administrative policy changes;
  • Promoting the “FasTrak®” trademark as the California symbol for electronic toll collection and interoperability;
  • Examining new tolling technologies;
  • Serving as a resource for toll project planning, development and operations; and
  • CTOC may also provide a central interface with related professional organizations such as the International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) and Intelligent Transportation Society of California (ITS-CA)